Monday, 3 June 2013

Engine enhancements commence

Wow, cant believe it  been this long between updates.  I have been working hard on the car and trying to balance the kids, work and the wifes mood when I spend too long on the car!  I keep telling her she should get a hobby as well, but she just grumbles something about triplets being a full time job or something :P

The main reason I haven't posted is that I haven't completed anything..  I've done heaps on the interior, but nothing is actually complete yet.  The more I do, the more I want to do as suddenly the new bits make the old bits look daggy.  eg. where once I was happy with a fake vinyl walnut dash overlay, now I am in the midst of applying real walnut veneer to the whole dash and finishing it off to a gloss finish.  All this takes time and I have a mass of other half finished jobs such as interior, paint, soft top, gauges, seat recovering, lenses, exhaust, steering rack overhaul etc. etc.

However, this weekend I had a win.  I was always going to fit a Weber Carb to replace the  complicated Strombergs that the car came with.  They are ok for that very small window of time when they are correctly set up by an increasingly ageing population of mechanics experienced with these things, but I don't like leaving myself vulnerable like that.  The Weber is modernish (for a carb) and extremely straight forward to tune and keep in tune.  It should also provide better starting,  better driveability and hopefully more power when combined with the straight through exhaust and tubular exhaust manifolds (extractors) that are waiting to fit.

So, this is the lump to be removed.  The massive airbox at the top and the twin pots below it.

 And there are the Strommies on the ground.. Check out that ridiculous plumbing!


 Strommies gone and manifold exposed.

7 Degree adaptor plate fitter to adjust for the slope of the Triumph donk.

 Weber fitted sans air filter.. Notice the massive size difference?  vacant real estate everywhere!

Now with RamFlo Australian made air filter.. sexy.

First start.... default settings. way too much choke and way too little idle speed.

Air filter on and air/fuel mixtures and idle speed adjusted.. sweet. (special comments from Trace).

A bit more tuning to do once my air/fuel gauge arrives, but its looking and sounding promising.

Back to the long list of other jobs!


  1. My Stag strombergs have been fine needing no adjustment except 50rpm tweak of idle speed in 25000miles and 5 years - yes they need care to set up, but if done properly are fine for years. The Weber is a good carb in its correct application, but in this case it is under developed, incorrectly jetted for the Stag (yet the seller ignores criticism about this from existing owners) and has a woefully inadequate breather system to accompany the carb. Yes, it could be great, but it would mean the seller would need to know what he was doing and fix the issues before relieving the unwary of £400. Lets hope your pistons survive the weak mixture.

  2. Is this the same seller that does water tanks and expensive tents?