Friday, 21 December 2012

Its a Christmas Miracle!

Ok, lets get it out of the way... I've had my first break down. Thankfully only a kilometre from home.

The car spluttered to a stop just around the corner from my friend Scotts house in Port Melbourne.  I thought it could have been out of fuel because the fuel and temp gauges were reading high due to a problem with the voltage regulator.  This is a cheap little prehistoric part that ensures the gauges get a constant supply of 10v as opposed to the up and down supply generated by a battery.

So I walked home and got some petrol and put in 5-6 litres.  It still wouldn't start and I thought I eventually flooded it (Gen Y, thats something that happens to carbied cars.)  Left it and hour or two and still nothing.. it just turned over without a hint of ignition.  It wasn't the lack of fuel.  Luckily Scott drove by and helped me push it around the corner to his street for safety where it slept the night.

I had noticed the fuel pump not making its usual noise on startup.. more just a little hum/tick.  Also the fuel filter was only a quarter full, but still should have been enough to fire it up.  Next afternoon I came back with can of "start ya bastard" and fired it down the air intakes to the carby.

Each time I did that it would almost start once and then die.  Half a can later, still no luck so I rang the RACV for a tow (refer second post on me obtaining RACV cover before insurance!)

Oh the indignity!

As soon as the tow truck driver left I pulled the distributor cap to check the points.  I'm pretty sure they aren't meant to look like this?? So I gave them a good degrease and lube with WD40.

I also checked the leads and the main lead into the centre of the distributor had quite a bit of corrosion, so I cleaned it all up and put back together.. The car fired up straight away and the fuel pump sounded normal, so I'm not sure what the actual fault was, but one of those things above.

I jammed a can of carby cleaner through the air intakes and the backwash that came out was black almost until I got through the entire can, so there was a fair bit of gunk in there.  Took it for a spin and it was all sweet except for a bit of a missfire high in the rev range.

I was already considering replacing the fuel pump and also converting to electronic ignition (no points), so his has just speeded up that decision.  Combined with a new set of leads and maybe distributor should guarantee all gremlins are ironed out.. They are all cheap parts I can fit myself.

When I was riding motorbikes the joke used to be there are only two type of motorcyclists.. those that have crashed and those that will.  I completely agree with that sentiment and I guess there are also only two types of Stag owners.. but they all have full Roadside Assistance cover!

Merry Xmas everyone.


  1. Hi Justin. Looks like someone has removed one set of points in your dissy? why not ft a recon dissy with electronic ignition? Kill two birds as they say!
    I hate the old SU fuel pumps so I would fit a better one (try the European ECCO brand as sold by LD Parts in UK).
    Have you rebuilt your Strombergs as they usually need some attention.

    Hoepfully you will be back on the road soon so good luck.

    PS: Has Scott got a stag? (a Scott from Oz bought some of my kit this year; you guys from Oz buy a lot of stuff from us at

    Chris at Stagweber


  2. Hi Chris, yes the points were replaced with a single setup by the mechanic that has serviced the car for the past 10 or so years. I am definitely going electronic ignition soon. Was thinking Lumenition.. any thoughts on that?

    The Strommies have had loads of attention over the years and I think are pretty well sorted, but I am still thinking of going Webber.. you sell the conversion kit yeah?